Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tapwave-the zgames are your friends

There is a lot of fuzz about three little programs released a few hours ago-I am talking about zDoom, zHexen and zQuake. These three programs will allow users to play Doom, Quake and Hexen on their Palm OS 5 handhelds. Immediately, there was a huge fuzz about the programs-and most important of all, success stories were posted. This is important, as I could not get zHexen working myself.
Some commentors asked about what will happen with Tapwave's Doom 2 cartridge now. Indeed, it will have a hard stand against these products-but Tapwave could make an easy buck with these programs. The main problem with the open-source files isn't quality or stability-it is the need for wad files. The problem with the wad files is availability-the games that the program emulates are very old, and thus can not be registered anymore. In order to get the programs working, one needs to get into the underground-something that many people do not like doing-lets now leave legal troubles aside!
Now, here comes the great opportunity for TapWave. They get a deal with id software for the wad files or they cook up some of their own, and pack them all on a SD card for the Zodiac. The user does not need to fight around with configuration of sound, etc and the Zodiac wins a new, attractive game title! If they offer the whole package for an attractive price-the show goes off for sure! Or even better-make a good wad file on your own and offer it for free to all Zodiac users. This would hit the market like a bomb-ther Zodiac coming with extremely attractive, known titles! I have heard that the PSP will not ship with any games-same thing with the Gameboys, etc. If this isn't a competitive advantage, what is?

Regardless of this will happen or not, take a look at the program at:http://yoyofr.fr.st/ It didn't work out on my T3, if you have 8MB of free dynamic RAM, get the program working and talk back please!