Thursday, March 10, 2005

The T3 fliplid falls apart-looks as if there is a construction deficit

There are some things that a civilized engineer cannot do wrong-riveting connections are among them. Even a rock-bottom austrian electronical engineer learns about riveting and is capable to design such connections. However, it looks as if PalmOne has not yet grasped the traditional technique of riveting when the fliplid of the T3 is concerned.
Recently, the lether flip lid of my T3 started to act strange. It didn't attach wel, fell off many times and genrally made an unstable impression. Eventually, I took it off and found this piece on my table:

This is the head of one of the "rivets" that kieep the fliplid together-this image shows my lid with some of the rivets going off already:

Apparently, PalmOne chose to glue the heads onto the other side of the rivet instead of doing it the traditional way (insert rivet, pull out so that matereal deforms). Eventually, these heards solved off and led to the lid slowly peeling off the T3:

Now, this is indeed a description of stupid engineering. Either they are to lazy to think about it, or they are just too stupid. After ten exchanges/repairs, I actually favour the second thing. Has something similar happened with you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't look like pop rivets (the type you flatten via pulling from the other side). They look like they melt the plastic flat from the outside. I've encounter this type of rivet in other devices and generally speaking, they're crap. In particular, Palm's use of this type of rivet for the T3's cover is really dumb.

I fixed such a problem in the past (the plastic rivet held a contact strip in a battery compartment in one of my flash units) by melting more plastic onto the broken rivet. I might try Epoxy with my broken T3 cover since there is more leverage in this application and also there isn't much room for the "rivet" head to stick out.

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