Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Sony PSP-new news available

It sometimes really pays out to receive hundreds of newsletters a day! CNET today sent me all kinds of info on the PSP-find links to the pages at the end of this post! This article is intended to bring both a quick overview of the machine and a look at the differences and similarities-especially from a Palm OS user's point of view.
Quick look at the unit's specs
First of all, I see a huge similarity to the Tapwave Zodiacs-ame landscape orientated system, and the controls seem pretty equal too. And here we are at the first point of discussion-the screen. It has a resolution 480x272 pixels and can display 16.77 million colors at the same time-a huge step up from the 65000 colours our Palms manage. Lets now leave aside if one actually needs so many colours-there is a number on the price tag, and thats what counts for most people.
CNET took a look at the video and audio capabilities-they look pretty palm-esque to me. WIFI is in there-loks as if this CLIE fature made it to the PSP. The hardware is better than the one of an average CLIE, a custom 333MhZ CPU and 32 MB of RAM. the baterylasts about 5.5 hours and the battery is replaceable. Respect to Sony for taking this step! Data ships on a DVD-like format called UMD, and there is a MemoryStick slot.
The launch titles don't sem too impressive to me, and most of the PSP acessoires CNET mentions look like rebranded IPOD stuff to me.
And the looser is:Tapwave
And here we are at the second part of the post-what impact this announcement will have on the Palm OS world. Up to now, Tapwave was the only copmpany that had a console that could also play video and MP3-these times are now over. Tapwave an of course resort to ogg-but that will not save them on the long run.
Long ago TamsPalm had an article about how TapWave should start to see their Zodiac as a workstation-and thats more true than ever today. WIFI drivers are coming out, and an office suite is bundled-at least thats some kind of good news for Tapwave. If they manage to reposition their Zodiac as portable working tool with gaming features, they will prevail. If not, I feel that they will be washed away.
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