Thursday, March 17, 2005

The series 60 market-and why its so different to ours

Some of you may recall that your author recently purchased a Siemens SX1. Indeed, I never wanted to program it-but the inner geek won against the logic mind.
The PalmOS market is more-less saturated and mature. Most applications are stable and work well-and users expect just that. Businessmen cannot accvept an app that crashes once a day-and they also don't want nice flashy graphics that munch up loads of CPU power.
However, most Series 60 users are sold to teens and other more-les hip users who want a device that gives them bang for the buck-and coolness is more important to most of them than function is. My PPC crashes and your IIIc doesn't-so what, my PPC can play p0rn!
And here we are at the core of ther Symbian app-it must be cool. There is no need for advanced, useful features like one can find in a program like Agendus of Docs 6-if there is cool UI, the program is good and thats it.
Teens are especuially motivated to shell out loads of cash for their mobiles-ringtone business in germany is said to amout about 180Mio€. And now imagine games-they have much more value then ringtones and could be sold for 5€ each-if you could only use the same retail channels (ads on MTV, ordering via SMS, etc) as the big boys in the ringtone sector use!
So, lets now get back to the Palm OS sector. In order to appeal to Series 60 buyers, the OS needs to be changed radically. There is a need for 3d buttons and widgets, for nice, polyphonic system sounds and for backgrounds and skinnability.
Thats it for today-what do you beleive?


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