Monday, March 21, 2005

Platform advertising with the competition

Yesterday, I discussed why the PalmOne Treo "670" may just have been a techdemo and not a commitment. Indeed, Palm OS testing is very dificult, as you need to get a Palm OS lience first, then you need to negotiate everything with PalmSource, etc. There is no real information available on the Palm OS homepage either. So, getting a Palm OS tech demo device out is almost impossible!
But lets now take a look at Windows CE embedded. As you might already know, I attend semiconductor conferences every now and then. At the Freescale evening conference, I received the following card (images are pretty lowres, I know-click for bigger version):

As you can probably see, this card contains a code. If you know this code and enter it online at MicroSoft's, you an get a free evaluation version of either Windows CE embedded or Windows XP for embedded devices. MicroSoft even pays for shipping and handling costs!
But this is not an exception-RIM is also quite smart at marketing their BlackBerry platform. when you request a strategic information kit from them, tghey mail you a letter and the following CD to your house-also for free:

The CD contains developers tools and infos, and also lots of strategic whitepapers for the enterprise. This really simplifies using the platform.
And now-lets compare all of these offers with PalmSource. If you want to get an OS licence, there is no info on their HP whatsoever-just a stupid comment form. Same thing with developers-registration is needed for most services. And if you really want to do serious development, you need to register at multiple places in order to get all the SDK's.
Concludingly, I feel that Palmsource does not support deployment/development/hardware design as optimal as it could be. Indeed, their developer mailing lists, etc do a very nice job-but you need to find them once and get started into all of the community! What do you beleive?


Blogger Brad Green said...

Dont forget, Blackberry exclusively makes their own devices, so it is much easier to have standardized programming. The same goes with WM devices, because though right now some of the OSs are customized, they are moving to a state of having the ability to issue their own updates for system components, and not have the licencees do it. Palm has alot of licencees, such as Tapwave, who modify the OS, and want to keep their software out of everyones hands unless they know who has it. Its much more difficult for Palm.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi brad,
you are right here-but:
a)PalmSource needs to support new licencees!
b)They could gather all of the SDK's in their resource pavilion
Best regards
Tam Hanna

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"b)They could gather all of the SDK's in their resource pavilion"

This assumes that the licensees will let them. The licensees want to manage their relationships with the developers using their SDK's as much as they can. This has to be weighed against the benefit of a central portal.

The question then becomes how good is the relationship between PalmSource and their licensees, and can PalmSource get the licensees to trust them enough provide a central SDK portal? Can they get the information from PalmSource that they, as licensees, feel they need to adequately support their developer community? And does PalmSource have the bandwidth as a company to provide this (it takes more work than you would think)?

8:46 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I feel that it should be possible. But who knows...
Best regards
Tam Hanna

2:03 PM  
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