Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An open-source bluetooth device scanner

Sometimes we all need to search for bluetooth devices in out proximity. May it be for reasons of personal interest (has that chick got BT on) or for evil-minded cracking(lets bluesnarf our teacher), one always needs to find the devices that are close to you. The traditional apporach for Palm OS bluetooth finding is via the prefs panel-open the prefs panel, bluetooth and then start to add a new trusted device. Voila, all devices are shown. This is fine if you do it once a month-but if you need it once a day, it can get annoying. Volia, enter Discovery!
This 10k program was developed by Palmsource as a bluetooth sample program and can be obtained from their website for free. You don't even need to register in oder to start downloading! The archive also contains the source code and a few other programs. Find out more about the package at:
But let's get back to Discovery now. Here are a few screenshots of the program in action:

The interface is straightforward-you click the button Discover Devices, and a black rectangle starts to grow in the bottom of the screen(see Image 1). Devices that were found are displayed in the list box, clicking a device offers more details!
This nifty tool may not have a hundred features, but it is small and useful. Definitely a thing to keep on my handheld-but will it stay on yours?


Blogger Nicolachito said...

Hello Tam, I have looked for several days for the program Discovery on wich you comment for Palm but I cannot find it in any place on the web. Neither I have found another program with similar fincionality. I have the desire of modifying Discovery's code to do some tests, but to me it was impossible to find it. Would you have to hand the code and the binary one to send it to me?
Thank you very much!

1:59 PM  
Blogger Bob Whiteman said...

Many years ago I worked at PalmSource in their developer technical services group. I wrote Discovery as a sample for Palm OS developers. It was intended to demonstrate the proper way to integrate Bluetooth into an application with the best user experience possible. I haven't had access to the source code since I left PalmSource, and I'm sure Access doesn't care about it at all now that they've acquired PalmSource. BUT... maintains outdated versions of web pages. To my complete surprise, they have the sample and source code!

8:27 PM  
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