Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A new way to input data

Irecently had the opportunity to play around with one of the new Nokia communicators(the one without touchscreen). after only having it for two minutes or so, an interesting thing struck my eye-the device displayed a mouse pointer on the screen:

Indeed, the pointer could be moved with a little "trackpoint" in the unit's keyboard. At the beginning, this looked stupid-but beleive it or not, it got comfortable after a while. When I have my T3 sitting in its now broken keyboard, touching a control on-screen requuires me to grasp the stylus, move it to the screen, etc. In this process, my hand covers the screen for a short time, etc-lots of fuzz involved!

A tiny trackpoint on the keyboard could solve the problem-at least for me. Take a little analog "joystick" or just a plain trackpoint from IBM, and off you go. Cobalt definitely needs mouse support-now that I have experienced one, I definitely feel different!
But-these tests were done sitting at a table! If the machine would have been tested on the go-oh boy, that would have been difficult to do. Overall, I still don't want a PDA with a trackpad. But integrating one into the portable keyboard would be a great idea!
Here are a few size comparison photos:

What do you think?


Anonymous palmhiker said...

My old M125, when used with the Palm keyboard used to have this functionality. A cursor would appear on the screen and you could move it around with the arrow keys. Sadly, ThinkOutside dropped support for the cursor controls in later driver (for OS5) versions for some reason...

11:03 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi PalmHiler,
could you maybe mail some screenshots to Tamog@gmx.at?
I have a OS3.5 and a OS5 handheld, and at the time I had my m505, the pointer wasn't in there yet/I never noticed it!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

9:52 PM  
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