Monday, March 07, 2005

New PalmOne ad in Austria- madame Zulma's prophecy

A good columnist suscribes to all konds of newsletters-let there be Lockergnome, my.TI, MaximIC Mailing Lists, Analog Semicon's post, ITworld and many others. Reading these keeps you top-notch informed about all kinds of important stuff!
I like mailing lists that have lots of infomrational content-and the PalmOne newsletter today carried an astonishing, german ad. Click the image below for a bigger version(the innards of the bubble were animated).

Translated, it says as much as:
Madame Zulma's prophecy for 2005. You will not need a computer for checking your email. You will find out in 3 days why this is not as crazy as it sounds.

This funky statement is followed by the usual palmOne legal gibberish. And that was it! No links, no info, no nothing.
This move astionishes me. What are they advertising for? Well, IMHO there are three possibilities:
Treo 650 ad
This is plausible, PalmOne has announced the Treo to be available on the 11.3 in Austria(according to This would fit in very well-but hey, its the 7th today, and not the eigth. Since PalmOne is a bit bonkers sometimes, they can have an all-now kind of counting days, but 11-7 is still 4 for me. Concludingly, this possibility sounds logical-but who knows.
New handheld
This would be less plausible, but also possible. Is this the original T5 we expected months ago? Is it an entirely new handheld? is it an entry-level Treo? Is it the successor to the aging TC? All of these handhelds are expected and some of them have even been announced-but well, why wouldn't they be introduced in the US first? Also, we have loads of mystery around here...
New wireless service
This ad has not been distributed in non-german countries. Who knows-maybe PalmOne is preparing something like a palm-net-relaunch there? This would explain why the ads haven't yet surfaced in the US-but what carrier will they use, etc. So, also loads of mystery here!
BTW, the words 2 days and 1 day are grayed out in the image-lets see if I get another email tomorrow. Each of the three possibilities has its pros and cons. I personally favor the Treo 650 theory-what do you think?


Blogger Bart said...

Actually, I've received this ad in the Netherlands about 1 1/2 week ago. Not sure whether it came through by way of the Dutch or the American P1. Not heard anything since.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

the three days are past now. No new emails from Miss Zulma...
But the Treo is out....
Best regards
Tam Hanna

9:08 PM  
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