Sunday, March 13, 2005

My personal thoughts about the Tungsten E2+Zire 73 blurb

Today we will take a short look into the TamsPalm crystal "kugel" and theoretize about PalmOne's future devices. Lets start with the Zire line: We all already saw images of the rumoured Zire 73-I am pretty sure that the images are faked. However, when you look at the image, you begin to see a tendency in PalmOne products. The Zire 31 basically was a Tungsten E which basically was a Zire 71, etc. Planars are recycled over and over again!
The Tungsten T5 can now be seen under an entirely new light-it may easily be the future of the Zire line. There is everything Zire in it-cheap plastic housing, no slider, etc! Now, what tells us that PalmOne won't recycle the T5 planar and transplant it into a Zire 72 housing?
Actually, PDA's with sqaure screens are dead-and even PalmOne is starting to see this. So, their next machine must have a non-sqare screen-and there should be little engineering involved. The T5 is already developed-so transplant it and the party goes. Lets now get to the predecessor of the TE.
The Tungsten E2 has been finished months ago-but it still hasn't hit the market. PalmOne has recently had lots of rumour problems-it would be very unlikely for them to keep the appearance silent for so long. But what is if the E2 was never intended to hit the market?
PalmOne has already registered a trademark "Veld" in order to distract columnists from their Tungsten and Zire trademarks-with little success. But people get smarter, and maybe this time their fake E2 was successful in evaluating the market. Loads of people discussed the articles at Daves PDA and TamsPalm, and even more bickering and moaning happened in forums like 1src or PalmInfoCenter. Now what if a PalmOne insider would be reading all of that and reporting it back immediately? There is a PalmOne employee at 1src(Novotny), and rumors say that there are ppl at Nexave(huge german board) and PalmInfoCenter as well. Thats what one calles a market study, boys!
What do you think?


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