Friday, March 18, 2005

Handling network brownouts-this is how we like it

Recently, T-Mobile's danger network failed-disabling the email and web options of their sidekick machines. Users could still phone and possibly also send SMS, but that was it. The glorified data features of the Sidekick/hiptop machines were dead.
Most companies would send out an apology letter afterward, and then go on to the next story. Sometimes, they won't even fix the problem (see the buzzing screens, etc). But T-Mobile went a different way. They distributed a letter among their customers containing of course the due apology-but that wasn't it. The customers were also granted a 20$ credit on their next phone bill.
As if this isn't customer service!
Generally, companies do not seem to understand the value of customer care yet. The Danger brownout spread all over the web quickly, and let people into beleiving that T-Mobile was a stupid, uncapable enterprise. Actually, users were right to think this while their Sidekicks were offline-after all, T-Mobile chose to pair up with Danger.
But now, the customer care seems to have worked-users see the 20$ discount and are happy again. The negative image has been more-less repaired!
I don't want to know if they lost more than a select few customers due to this incident-it isn't too likely now that the rebate is out....


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