Wednesday, March 02, 2005

About the merits of customer care

Most developers see their customers as animals that can be-well-more less sucked out once and then left alone. While this approach definitely works, it leads to loads of unsatisfied customers. The effects of these may not be immediate(just tell PalmGear not to accept any refund-and byebye)-but on the long run it pays off to keep customers happy. Here are a few ideas that motivate developers into offering excellent customer care:
Power users are valuable
Usually, absoloute beginners or power users tend to hit the email lines. While the first can usually be handled quickly, the latter sometimes need lots of time and devotion in order to be happy with the experience. Power users are a minority-but they pay out on the long run! Their less-geeky friends usually listen to their oppinions and take it as a more-less verbatim truth. Now imagine the power user sittting with his friends-and all he does is rant about how bad his T3 is and how CustomerCare sucks(exchange number 5 or so). Are they gonna be motivated to buy a T3? and think of the contrast example-a happy user chitchats about how well LedManager works...
A happy user buys again
A user gives you his hard-earned money and wants one thing: performance-and this fast and flawless. When a user is happy with one of your programs, there is a high probability that he will be posetively-biased towards your next offering. This biasing will definitely not help if your program is simply inferior-but in a par situation, it can definitely give the nudge.
Unhappy users rant-happy users are silent
Happy users rarely express their gratitude and happyness. Unhappy customers rant-and the rants can be found on Google. When a potential new customer googles for reviews, he will find a lot of rants-as if that would be good for the product....
What do you beleive?


Anonymous Steven Fisher said...

Interesting timing. I posted this today: Useless Support.

The core of my post is a little different: Better to stay silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it!

9:06 AM  

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