Friday, March 18, 2005

About discontinuing wireless services

Yesterday, SMS were broadcasted to T-Mobile customers stating that the t-email service will be discontinued in a few weeks of time. Indeed, I never really used my account-but the message still has perplexing effect.
An email account is something you get to last! Some people use their emnail accounts for years, is more than 3 years old. Multiple providers already offered an account-but the effort of migrating is simply too big to accept any of them. users faced a similar problem last year-PalmOne deciced to discontinue the proxy service, leaving the units rot as useless scrap.
And here we are-at the core of the problem. Each service has to be killed once, as it has a successor with better technology. Users also tend to accept this as the "pace of nature"-unless of course, you fuxate them with a few a$$ actions like these below. Read them and laugh at what can happen:
Close a service in order to drive users to the new service
this is what happened at Cingulars data service is still working-but PalmOne decided to close the proxies for whatever reason. And the email about the Treo 600 discount was pretty obvious!
Do not help users keep the network operating themselves
And we are at Palm.-nets once again. if the company could only have released the proxy server software, users could have made a new deal with Cingular and get the proxies running on old PC's/whatever.
Don't give users enough time for reacting
Yes, our service is going down in 30 days-see what you can do. Purr-fect way to keep your client happy. deciding for a new system will definitely take more thanm 30 days-so give your users the time that they need!
Generally, there will always be a little blickering when closing a wireless service. But if you help your users along the way, there is a high chance that they won't be too pissed off. What do you beleive?


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