Thursday, February 24, 2005

Siemens Mobile Customer Care-PalmOne could cut a piece from that

Well, my comrades SX1 recently broke down-he went to a Siemens Lab to have its firmware updated to level 15. This upgrade brought him a better camera quality(the images are less green, altough I still edited the last one). T-Mobile hadn't yet released the firmware-so I went to this store too in order to see if they would get this thingy on my SX1. I expected a rough, regular tech suport office with files and folders everywhere, and competent engineers in lab suits wearing ties and goggles. However, I was surprised-after walking into the huge store, I was immediately greeted by a female dressed like-well-not an engineer but rather a model. She took the phone and updated it immediately, letting me stroll through the shop where different kinds of equipment were showcased and could be tested (that goddamn cute flash didn't work on my SX1 though, shoot). Indeed, a female customer was greeted by an equally styled male agent. The whole process took me about 20 minutes, and the engineer did what she could to keep me entertained. Discussions about technology included-BTW, she didn't have a T-Mobile version-so she flashed me the regular version without branding-but sadly, she couldn't modify the SIM lock.
Now compare this to PalmOne-you have discuss an hour before they allow you to ship the handheld, the customer care is slow, badly trained, they return unrepaired devices etc. If Siemens had a Palm OS handheld(I hate WINCE Looxes)-that would definitely be my next machine! Here you see a few images of the store:

What do you think?