Friday, February 04, 2005

PUG Vienna met today

First of all a sorry to everyone who was waiting for an update that didn't quite happen in time, I am 5 minutes late... . However, my local PalmUserGroup met at a new location and every one of its members was invited wholehartedly!
It was an interestring cerimony as usual, with programs and ideas beeing swapped. First of all we helped a new user with eliminatign the random crashes on his T3-a quickly beamed evaluation version of Crash will serve him with logging the crash "causers" from now on.
Then, Alex presented his Treo 270 yet again due to popular demand. You might wonder why there is so much fuzz about this old smartphone-well, there are a few reasons: First of all it has handspring quality, it is quite a decent machine and most importantly of all-it is rather small and can be obtained cheaply(120€ or so).

As you see the Treo 270 was admired much-finally an affordable, small color smartphone. Its owner had lost of explaining to do, see the left picture for a reconfiguration attempt...

How else should it be-lots of equipment was laying around on the table. The V and IIIc woke up nostalgic thoughts in many users. The two T3 hardcases pictures on the right were for sale BTW, but nobody quite wanted them-looks like everyone already protects his palm someway or the other...

Here we see Herwig examining his newly purchased wireless keyboard. His oppinion was interesting for me too, as my good ole PPK didn't quite survive my repair attempts to get the broken key into a working condition again.

And here we have two comrades discussing the software configuration of T3 machines. While software was swapped, we also came to our oldest topic of dispute-screen protection! Most PUG-goers support Brando, while I personally prefer simple vanilly overhead foils for their simplicity and cheapness. If you destroy one of them with a parker pen or other item(don't ask me what I already used as stylus, I dont really have a good relation to styli since my first IIIc initially shipped without one and I was forced to use a hard pencil in conjunction with an overhead foil, that was how I got the idea btw), all it costs is a cent for a new A4 sheet that will last you for quite a few screens.... .
Also, my projects were gladly suported by the users there-stay tuned in for some more PUG-generated content on TamsPalm in the next few days!

In the end, we did a little comparation of siemens camera phones. The left image shows yours truly using his Tungsten T3 and was made with a 1.3MP-SL65 from Siemens. The other images on the page were made with my trusty SX1, that doesnt have one of these nifty click-on flashes available for the SL65 BTW. Alex did not really participate here, he only flashed his digicam....
Once again, it was a really interesting meeting-I have many more pictures that I will gladly forward to you if you email me at Go to your local PUG, trust me, it will be a time well invested!


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