Friday, February 11, 2005

News on TH55 landscape mode

TamsPalm recently carried an article about the company called MobileStream planning to release a patch that would enable screen rotation on the portrait mode clies. Recently, a tester from this company approached me with further informations about the release date and a benchmark value for a TH55.
The information published here is based on one(1) sole source. Thus, it must be classified and treated as a rumor.
The biggest concern clie users had about this program was the speed of the unit in landscape mode. The Tungsten T3 slows down by almost 50% when its screen is rotated-but the enormous 400MhZ XSCALE can easily loose this amount. Clies have slower processors though-loosing 50% on a 123Mhz TH55 would lead to annoying lags.
However, this fear is not needed. My source reports a TH55 scoring about 100 MhZ(exact number not published to protect source) in Speedy. A unmodified TH55 benchmarks at about 150 Mhz-33 percent speed loss only. This leads to a performance roughly on par with a Tungsten T, which definitely isn't a slow machine.
Application compatibility is said to be excellent, Netfront is reported to work flawlessly. Same is valid for many other apps and the Grafitti area-the manufacturer says that rotation works fine with it. Please follow this link for further information!
The tester did not want to mention an exact release price, but had received insider informations about the program beeing due for release "in the next few days".
Let's conclude for now-looks like this definitely is an app to look forward to. What do you think?


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