Sunday, February 06, 2005

A new star on the graphics market

An interim note about this article made it out yesterday mistakingly, sorry for that. TamsPalm is known for not publishing useles bits of information, but I mis-clicked. Sorry yet again.
Anyway, I would not ignore the little company called Falanx Microsystems. Altough they do not have their own chip fab(they specialize on marketing IP cores like ARM does), their 3d chips seem to be very interesting and will likely be used in many upcoming smartphones/mobile gamking consoles and possibly even in Palm powered handhelds or the rumored Zodiac 2.
The Mali product line looks impressive, here is a short feature list for the high-end Mali 110. This machine can handle 2d,3d and video in one chip, and promises to deliver 30fps encode and decode of video, the only advanced 16X Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) support and texture filtering for increased bandwidth savings for high-performance multimedia devices. The Mali 55 is a die-shrink of the Mali 110 and is targeted at cheap mobile phones. Face it-thats a video procesor(DSP-like) and a 3d graphics chip in one IP core that can be integrated with other IP cores like the ARM CPU's.
The MaliGP shall be used as an additional processor to the Malis mentioned above. Its Name stands for Mali Geometry processor and it delivers integer, floating-point and 3D graphics. Think of it as a T&L engine for the handheld that reduces the work load on the main processor of the unit. When this was intoduced on the PC, the main processor could handle different tasks, as matrix rotations, etc could be off-loaded to an optimized core that was specialized on, well, doing that!
The cores are already available in a pre-validated state!
How will these Malis fare? Wil they be cool and sucessful against NVIDEA/ATI? Or will they end up as stupid Mules? Time will show, and you are invited to comment!


Anonymous rck said...

sucessful against NVIDEA/ATI?

Did I miss something, are nVidea and ATI actually developing stuff for small devices?


René C. Kiesler!

2:55 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I an remeber that both companies have at least announced plans to go mobile, and some PPC's even had chips from these manufacturers...
Best regards and thanks for talking back
Tam Hanna

10:12 PM  

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