Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The media center train-why PalmSource needs to jump it

Recently, a new TV technology has started to evolve-digital TV. Microsoft has already announced a firmware patch for its hard-disk based video recorders that will allow these devices to create movies for PocketPCs. Lets have that sink in-the M$-powered handhelds would get like small Video-on-demand players. As if this wouldn't be cool. Record your favourite TV show and watch it on the train. This feature would really endanger Tapwave-if they don't support it themselves. This may cost them a few $ of licence fees, but would add another possibility.
This is impressive, but the triving digital TV market opens up another market sector. Imagine a Zodiac with an integrated TV receiver. People are willing to pay lots and lots of money for short video bursts delivered to their handset via MMS/GPRS. Now imagine that these users could tune into the TV programs that they view at home. Many people record video shows to view later-if they could watch them on the move, the time spent at home could be recycled. Also, mobile TV sets have recently gained popularity with campers and globetrotters. These people always have a cell phone and want to reduce the weight of the stuff they have to carry-a PalmOS smartphone with a DVB receiver would be a killer application for them.
Lets conclude-digital TV is coming and the PalmOS will need to support it-the sooner, the better. Or do you think in an other direction?


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