Friday, February 04, 2005

Looking at the ipod shuffle from a PDA view

Yesterday, there was PUG in Vienna! Of course, one of our visitors had the new ipod shuffle to show off with, and here is my personal scoop of thoughts about this machine:
The machine is very very small and can be worn anywhere-definitely a plusfor somebody wanting to use the ipod in outdoor/remote/sport areas where he needs both hands free. The classical example for this is a bath/swimming pool. Really, it is not that much bigger than a strip of chewing gum and has a USB connector at its bottom-one could easily think it was an USB stick...
There is no numeric/graphic display on the enbtire unit-very unlike its competitors. It also does not have any fancy options to it, just play/pause, forward, back and stop-ot thats all that I could make out. Now, how can one use it?
Most PDA users always take the standard approach to listenting to music-they create a playlist from the files installed on the memory card, then select their favourite file/the first file and select the music that they want to hear. However, the ipod shuffle user takes an entirely different view. He has the machine select a few files from his collection and then play them in random order. He has no real means of influencing the sequence of the songs, etc-his ears are exposed to the Apple machine....
This may look crazy at first-but now think of radio. Yes, I am talking about plain-vanilla FM radio that anybody can listen to without much of a do. There is no way to influence the sequence or even the selection of the songs-and the servicer is popular.
So, I personally would not see the ipod shuffle as a danger to the Palm OS handhelds or to PDA's in general. Instead, radio station owners should be worried-the ipod shuffle allows users to create their own "radio station" with music that they like-without annoying ads and shows and in constant quality...
Do you own an ipod? Are you happy with it? Am i talking rubbish? Have you got another MP3/ogg/xxx player maybe-talk back!!!!


Blogger PhillyPocket said...

Well I'm definately one of those people that say, only an apple person would buy this thing. But in the spirit of keeping an open mind I had media player fill up my axim with random tracks. You know what, initially I thought maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. I heard a couple of tracks that I hadn't heard in a long while. Then came a song that completely didn't fit my mood. so I waited throught it. Then another one I didn't want to hear. Then one I didn't like enough to hear right now. Then I was reaching for the unit to find a song that I wanted to hear. Then I was annoyed because most of the random songs were not what I felt like hearing. In fact this is why I don't listen to radio very often. Or on those rare occasions when I do I spend more time flipping amongst the few stations that are playing the genre I'm listening to at the moment and then going back to my cd player.

Like most apple products, this has little to do with the functionality and everthing to do with the jewelry aspect of it.

As far as this being a threat to a pda, if someone is deciding between a pda and this, or any ipod, or for that matter any music player, they really didn't need a pda in the first place. It's like deciding between a calculator and a pda. If there is any question, save yourself some bucks and head for the texas instruments.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

thank you for commenting. I have more-less tried the same thing on my T3 once and went crazy too. Looks like PPC and Palm users are agreeing on this topic;-P.
However, many Apple users have a more artistic/chatoic/random view of life....
Best regards
Tam Hanna

12:49 PM  

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