Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Abidia/O-Anywhere...Auctions get mobile

All of us know about eBay and Overstock, as many of us have bought or sold our palm devices with these services. If you have used ebay or Auctions before you are probably aware that the best way to bid on an auction is at the end, right before it closes. This can be a very dificult task, even more so when you are on the go.. Using the portable web browsers for the Palm OS platform is not a reasonable thing; The portable web browsers for the Palm OS platform are great, but they usually fall short when trying to use eBay; Either you cannot see the whole screen, it is just too slow, or they wont support all of eBay, making the website unusable on a mobile device.

But fret no more! Abidia has come to the rescue! This small company situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, has recently released a new product called O-Anywhere. This nifty tool will allow you to tune into auctions via PalmOS TCP/IP without web browsers! Just enter a search for the auctions you want and bid on the go. It even synchronizes with your buying and selling lists in your account! If you dont have an Auctions account, no wories, it can even create an overstock account for this is useful.
Here are a few screenshots:

Details of an auction

Auctions searches are also be categorized. Above you see the palm category of an evaluation machine!
Abidia claims a speed increase of 10x compared to using a web browser; and if that doesn’t make a difference, what does? In addition, every Palm down to OS2 is supported! That’s what I call careful programming! BTW, OS 1 couldn’t be supported because it doesn’t have a TCP/IP stack-so that isn’t these guys fault either!
Of course, this does not help an eBay user. They will need to purchase a different product called Abidia Wireless. This product was available before O-Anywhere and uses eBay, allowing you to tune into eBay auctions (if your handheld has a wireless link). Abidia Wireless is older than O-Anywhere, and is missing some of the features of O-Anywhere. However, Abidia told us they plan on updating it shortly.

Concluding, it looks as if a new market will soon open up to the Palm OS-eBay maniacs. These users will definitely profit from being able to wirelessly track their auctions, thus quickly saving more than they had to invest into Abidia.

What do you think? Would you buy this program? Have you got any experiences?


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