Friday, February 18, 2005

3GSM-Part 2:Hardware+Software concepts

The 3GSM brought lots of new hardware and software-this article covers non-PalmSource stuff that looks interesting. However, please keep one thing in mind-I am not at the 3GSM. All my informations come from press releases and the developers themselves!


PalmSource presented two solutions at their stands. Here is a short look at each:
GSPDA M68 smartphone
The Treo650 gets yet another competitor-GSPDA recently released a new smartphone called M68. It is a logical addition to the existing family of the company. The phone is available in Germany, France, Italy and Spain and has not yet been accepted by any of the local carriers there.
The M68 looks extremely similar to a regular phone and has a 1.3MP camera with bluetooth and 32MB of RAM/64MB of Flash.
Since lots of reviews have already been written about this device, TamsPalm will not cover it any further. Contact Tim Wong for further informations.
TI OMAP cobalt boards
Texas Instruments is a known player in the PalmOS platform. The first OS5 handheld had an OMAP CPU, same story with the Tungsten E-the most successful PalmOS handheld. Recently, the Intel XSCALE processors won ground-but TI doesn't give up. The OMAP730 GSM and OMAP850 EDGE are now available on PalmOS Cobalt compatible evaluation boards. This is great, as it simplifies hardware designs. Evaluation boards are very important for the success of a platform, as licencees can use the circuit schematics as base of their designs.
Contact Marisia Speziale for further information.


The main focus of this year's 3GSM laid on software-here are two new technologies that sound interesting:
Qualphone POC
Push-to-talk(over cellular) is a very popular service in the USA. Think of it as a vocal SMS without cache-if you arent in range, you loose the message. The only somehow attractive thing I see is the flatrate price Looks like the SMS-outdated tech gets boasted. email is here for a few years already.
Lets however ignore my personal view for now-Qualphone is porting a client that is compatible with the Nokia implementation to the Palm OS. While this may not be interesting for the average PalmOs handheld, this is definitely good news for the Treo series and the Qool-if the product is made available to end users!
In addition, Qualphone joins PalmSources Palm Powered Mobile World program and also plans to port its IMS multimedia client-whatever that is...
If you want additional news, contact QualPhone's marketing department at
PacketVideo media equipment
PacketVideo is known for its impressive array of Symbian video applications. PalmSource plans to have a 2way video telephony application with PocketVideo's tech, and a demo of the video Player is said to be demonstrated at the 3GSM stand.
If you want to know more about PacketVideo's offerings, contact Dann Wilkens!


The 3GSM definitely is focussed on mutlimedia applications, and PalmSource has a few interesting new things. I am especially impressed about the winning of PacketVideo, this really puts pressure on Nokia and the rest of the symbian platform!
However, there still remains one question-what actually arrives at the end user. PalmSource has excellelent Email Clients available, but end users canot purchase gthem because the company gives them away to licencees only-for whatever reason they may have! It looks as if the PacketVideo program will not be available for end users when it finally gets ready, it will only be available to licencees. Nothing is yet known about QualPhones stuff, but I have a dark feeling that it will go the same way...
What do you think? Will the programs be available openly?


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