Thursday, February 17, 2005

3GSM-Part 1:overview

PalmSource has traditionally appeared on the 3GSM-this time, the focus laid on wireless and multimedia applications. TamsPalm's report will be divided into 4 parts-today, we will take a quick overview of all presentations. Tomorrow, TamsPalm will take a detailled look at hardware and software concepts. This will be followed by a detailled look at the new applications. The final article will cover the new PalmSource stuff for smartphones-stay tuned for detailled coverage.
GroupSense has announced yet another smartphone calles M68 and makes it available in europe only-they now have four of these on the market.
TI Cobalt boards
TI has created new boards with OMAP CPU's-Cobalt is used as operating system.
QualPhone has begun porting a POC client to the PalmOS. This program will make Palm powered smartphones compatible with Nokia's push-to-talk system.
The No1 Symbian video player is coming to the PalmOS-a variety of additional questions arise.
New PalmSource stuff
The merge with CMS starts to get visible-the PalmOS gets companions that work on mobile phones.
Third party stuff
Many third parties have developed new software-PalmSource presents eight of them at their CES stand.
So, some hot news-tune in tomorrow for more CES goodness.
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