Monday, January 03, 2005

Why there isn't that much discussion about the Zire Series

Recently, 1src carried an interesting thread of a user asking about why discussion about the Zire series is so rare. He thought that the whole handheld series is very unpopular. However, when we look at PalmOnes press releases,.. we see that the Zire series sells well.
So, why is thhere so little discussion about this kind of handheld? A dificult question at first. Isn't it like this:
Much Talk=Much sales
and vice versa? Looms sensible at first, but it isn't! Why are there so many communities discusing the long-discontinued Apple Newton series? Actually, forum discussion can IMHO not be used as a measure of device popularity! Users who talk about their handhelds do not see them as usual tools(do you talk about your bread knife?). Forum visitors are power users, that find fun and enjoyment in doing more with their PDA then it can do when it comes out of the box.
Zire handhelds go for a less than 250$, the most even go for 100$ and have only the most purist features. When you look at the advertising slogans PalmOne uses for the Zire series(see this article for details of the PalmOne advertising), one clearly see that they are advertised as an all-in-one effortless solution for users who do not know much about computers. They are intended for use as tools-the users use whats packaged and thats it! Some users treat these just as a replacement for the filofax-not grasping the idea of expansion/extension of possibilities.

Now, think about the statement made above. Will such a user want to discuss about extension possibilities, additional fatures or even peripherals that cost him extra money? The answer is simple and short-No. The users have their Zire handhelds in their suitcases and bags, and treat them as a stock filofax. Nobody discusses his datebook/address book, so why discuss the Zire...
What do you think about this topic?


Blogger Odyn/Vulture Des. said...

Hmm. well, I'm hardcore PalmZire71 user, and in my opinion I have a lot words to say about this PDA' :] This tool isn't only for total newbies.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Ho Odyn,
sorry if you feel insulted now. I didn't mean to say that all Zire users are n00bs or lamers. However, most users definitely aren't the ultra-smart tech whizzes (I had an ol'e IIIc when the TT came out, altough I had another reason for that...). They just want PIM and thats it.
Best Regards
Tam Hanna

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me it is all about the size... size matters and so does a bright color screen. The T5 lacks wi-fi and is too lengthy. The Tungsten with the "Slider" is too thick. The Zire 72 is more pants pocket friendly as was the Palm V. I've had almost every model of that Palm has produced and if it is too bulky I will not carry it.

The perfect Palm would be a Palm V sized device with the screen graphics of a Zire that incorporated the retractable graffiti area.

Take a look at what HP did with the H4155. There is a lot of functionality in that little case. Too bad it is Windows based.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I can once again only agree. A good color screen is just what I need. However, I didn't mind carrying the Palm IIIc which was quite hefty a weight. I need full power, and I am ready to carry it..
Thats my oppinion
Tam Hanna

5:09 PM  

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