Friday, January 07, 2005

Vienniese PUG met on the 6,1,2005-TamsPalm readers get informed

The vienniese PalmUserGroup meets at the first thursday of each month. Ideas are shared and devices are tested-keep on reading for a short report and lots of photos from the event!

This time, we met in a Pub called Bieramt for a last time. It served the PUG well for almost a year, but staff recently got cocky(e.g. calling me Mr.Palm, beeing slow, giving cheeky answers, ignoring drink orders,...). Thus, a new meeting spot had to be found-the members shall soon be notified about it. Well, I was there late by a few minutes(I had to write the TE2 article), and immediately bumped into Alex, our coordinator. He proudly presented his latest achievments-a Tungsten C purchased for 240€ with a memory card and an old Treo 270. In return, he was treated to my Palm Vii and stowaway keyboard prototypes-reviews with more images are coming soon. These two circulated among the users on the meeting, along with my SX1, the TE2 article and the advertising stuff I showed in my blog a few days ago(card and magazine).
Eventually, other users trickled in, having a total of two TT2s, three TT3's, a TC, a V, a Treo 270, a Zire 71 and a Vii accompanied by a huge pile of different mobile phones. These little gadgets provided us with lots of ranting opportunities-we spent like half an hour debugging different configurations(SX1 dials as Nokia 3650, but no SMS).
After that, most problems were solved and the rest was given up.
we then proceeded to swapping different kinds of software using memory cards, bluetooth and infrared as appropriate. We discussed ideas and problems of the platform in a more or less familiar way. It was very interesting and all the members are already looking forward to the next meeting in february.

How are the PUG's in your area? Is there one? Please comment!

Scroll down for a few pretty bad photos(the SX1 isn't all that good in dim light)

Me and Alex, the chairman of the PUG

Alex looking at the StowAway prototype

The Palm Vii prototype next to a Palm V-on protective rag(spilt beer...)

A comrade using his T3

Comparing alu and metal hardcases

Oh no-its christmas charol time. Damnit...

Swapping some programs. This is the best way to keep yourself curent and productive-visit your local PUG!

A T3 and a TC exchanging data via IRDA. Bluetooth or WLAN could not be used, because the two handhelds did not have an equal transfer system...

The first victom of the day-Alex's Tungsten C crashed. Luckily, unlike my T3 a few days before, a softreset fixed it...

Me and my T3, in the background our palm-user couple


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Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Dear Friend,
flaming people anonymously is very easy. Especially flaming them about their look and not about contents-all I can say:3l33t...
However, posting your name would greatly help discussion about the topic...
Best regards
Your friend
Tam Hanna

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Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Dear Mr whatever,
may I remind you of a few things:
1)This is a PalmOS-Page, and not a page where people who have nothing to do but look at themselves can discuss their favourite looks. Palm OS, NOT fashion. Get it?
2)This blog has a comment moderator. ONE MORE COMMENT, AND ALL OF THEM GO!! GET IT?
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Now, you can of course stay here-but if you want to comment, you gotta be productive! I am happy about every visitor I get-but keep in mind that trolling, etc wil not be accepted!
With best Regards
Tam Hanna

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friend -

I was just trying to help. Please consider my suggestions.

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Your Friend

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tam:

Recently in HispaPUG México we celebrated our First National Meeting, you can read what we do in:

7:13 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

that is very interesting. We have something similar in Germany(we call it PalmUserMeeting), and I will inform you all when it has happened!
Best regards
Tam Hanna

8:22 PM  
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