Thursday, January 06, 2005

The true PalmONE E2-leaked at FCC

When the Tungsten T5 hit the market, most commentators said that it was only a rebranded E2. However, the real E2 flashed up shortly at the american FCC web site for a few minutes. Thanks to Daves PDA Place, TamsPalm has a few images and a bit of technical data for you.
TamsPalm has not yet gotten any confirmed data about the handheld. All you see here is based solely on one source and my personal experience!
Here you can see the E2's front and back:
The Tungsten E2 looks like the TE1
Another TE2 shot, viewable with graphical browsers.
Not much is known about the internal hardware or the OS version. I personally think that the processor and the memory amount will be more-less similar to the Zire 72-why should PalmOne reengieer the planar two times? To all OS freaks-forget OS6 on this one. If the OS will ever debut, it will IMHO(!!) debut on a flagship product,and not on a cheap, mid-class handheld!
However, the screen is said to have a color depth of 18 bit, finally getting back on par with Symbian and MDA handsets. While the difference is subtle and cannot really be seen, its good for the numbers...
However, when you look at the back of the unit, it looks like the connector has changed a little bit. It now should be compatible with the Treo series, so you will have to chuck away your old navigation equipment,.... . However, nothing is really known here yet!
The Tungsten TE2s backside sticker contains a bluetooth and a SD logo
The shield you see here speaks a clear language-Bluetooth 1.1. This basically backs up my thesis about the Zire 72 planar beeing recycled here-anyway, its a nice feature for a mid-class PDA! If the SD slot has SDIO is not known yet, but since PalmOne will definitely want users to have WLAN(card purchase=extra income), it will probably be SDIO....
So, thats a short round-up about the handheld. The device looks promising, altough it will have a hard stand against PocketPC's with their physically larger screens! Lets hope that PalmOne finally gets the quailty control working...
I will comment further, as I get further information! Feel free to comment if you have a question or know something new!


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Looks like the T|E2 is a T|E with BlueTooth and a new connector. Not exactly earth shattering, but a nice improvement nonetheless.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Steven,
you know me-I usually like to give long answers to comments.
But here-I can only say one thing. While BT is nice, the small screen will kill it. My comrades at the vienniese PUG said exactly the same thing...
Thank you for commenting anyway
Tam Hanna

3:18 PM  
Blogger MadAussie said...

hey mate. interesting te2 info.. i have serious doubts about sdio on it tho, hey the E1 has sdio.. but palms sdio is just horrendously b0rked beyond recognition... but then as you say, zire72... i dont understand why they couldnt have used the tt5 body+screen.

ho hum. thank you for posting the info.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

lets look at this equasion:
Releasing a TE2 and a TT5 with the same hardware-think about the sales, dude!
Thank you for the comment!
Tam Hanna

8:23 PM  
Blogger MadAussie said...

well here in england i dont see many TT5's around. Is it selling at all? its quite expensive, unjustly I think, and misses the market by miles.

the TE1 has a larger market share, it would have probably sold more to do a slighlty cutdown TE2 as a repackaged TE5 and get people to upgrade.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Man, please!! Forget to see the T5 as a part of the T series. It is an E-Series model(or maybe one of the Veld's that were planned-who knows why they reserved the name) that was revamped...
Best regards
Tam Hanna

9:04 PM  
Blogger intellidryad said...

palmOne has done it again
Boring stuff with nothing new
Why don't they just offer existing TE users a service to PRINT a "2" right after the TE logo, and call it an upgrade?
Palmsource really needs to find new licencees if they want to live, palmOne is very dissapointing.

One more thing: This thing is made in China=>crap

Does any one read Chinese here? Something intresting is the chinese charecters in the last line of the lable(right after "Made in China"). In China, I guess it means "handheld computer", but in Taiwan, the same words, it means "handheld CALCULATOR".

6:37 AM  
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