Saturday, January 01, 2005

PalmOne marketing stuff-in close-up

Looks like PalmOnes marketing is starting to get innovative when the Zire line is concerned. Your favourite author has a small house in a remote area ub Tyrol. There is a little suboffice of a famous austrian computer store there. Of course, a good blogger immediately went in-and saw an interesting piece of marketing stuff.
It was a regular cardboard cube(about 20cm high), and had Zire images printed on it. A friendly shop clerk was happy to help out with photographing-altough she didn't want to have her face pictured. Find some images at the bottom of the page. In addition, there was a info card(also pictured) that did not contain the T5. Another interesting thing: The price tag for the Zire 31 read USR Palm, the Zire 72 was sold as Palm Zire 72. T3 and T5 were not available, but there was a Tungsten E nav bundle, a load of PPCs and a case for the Palm V.
Customers were given a foldable info card and an issue of the so-called PalmOne magazine. These are currently processed and can be scanned in if anybody wants.
Interestingly, all of this stuff was not available in the store close to my flat in Vienna.
Here are a few photos of the cube(click Images for more detail). Interestingly, no such thing existed for the Tungsten Line:

This is the front of the fold-out card. It says: Life now gets easier

And this is the back of the card. It contains advertisement for PalmONEs GPS solutions and the WIFI card.

This is the T3 picture. Translated, it says as much as A new way to look at things

This is the T5. Interestingly, it was pictured right beside the T3 and did not appear in the PalmOne Magazine, that was distributed alongside. My store clerk did't know anything about it, either. Here is a brief translation of the red slogan:Store more. See more. Work everywhere

This is the TC part of the fold-out card. If performance is what you need

This is the TE. Slogan:A tool you can't miss at work

Here we have the Treo 600. The 650 isn't available in Europe yet, just as information. Advertising says: The more intelligent mobile phone

After turning the card around, you can see the Zires. Here is the Zire 21, beeing advertised with the words Paper is out!

And the Zire 31-Effortlessly colourful

Zire 72 gets advertised as: Multimedia tool-absolutely cool

Here are two pictures of the reference card folded out and laying on my suitcase.

And here-the Tungsten reference card(the front side of the reference card that stood in the window). No T5 here...

And the backside-containing all the zires

Here, the Zire 72 and 31 eval sampls and their price Tags. PalmOne is only seen witht he Tungsten E nav bundle, the Zire 31 is said to be coming from US Robotics(USR). Long, long time is it gone... Please note that the evaluation samples ae no actual handheld computers, but rather plastic replicas. The PPC's however had real test units!

How is PalmOne marketing in your area?


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