Sunday, January 16, 2005

New devices and rumors-when they're good and when they're bad

Recently, a few photos of new Siemens mobiles leaked out at a german mobile phone site. Immediately, bickering starred in the boards. Stupid Siemens, damn stupid Siemens, etc... . of course, when you know about a new device, many users will wait for its release and not buy the one currently on the market. We already had that with the m505 and will possibly also have it with the Treo 600, Tungsten E. So, following the experiences above, these guys must now have problems with their current lineup too! But now let's change perspective.
Siemens isn't the biggest handset maker-one can almost call them an underdog. Their products usually are good-but the market share simply isn't as big as they would deserve. names like Nokia simply value too much to youngsters and teens.
Now, the Nokia handsets currently on the market are more-less on par with their products. With these new products beeing more-less announced, many users will be astonished by their features. Some will not purchase the Nokia handset that they wanted now, but will rather wait for the new handset whose data was "leaked" out.
In addition, rumors make beautiful advertising. Look at the PalmInfoCenter-usually rumors get discussed way more then product announcements. Buying headlines and TV spots is expensive-posting rumors just takes a few photos made with a cheap digicam, a stupid story of theft and crime, hardweare specs and a webspace. The discussion also allows the company to gather user oppinions before releasing the new product, and some minor changes can be done to better suit the user's needs(e.g. RAM amount, software features). I do not want to accuse Siemens now, but rumors sometimes can be very helpful when it comes to marketing!
What do you think?


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