Monday, January 24, 2005

The magnetic Tungsten T3

Recently, my Tungsten T3 was used at night and was placed on my desk-where a 5 cent coin lay. Ridiculously, the 5 cent coin was gone! Turning the T3 around, I saw the coin sticking right on the back of my trusted handheld.

These pics were taken in a teacher's workshop with my SX1. They show the T3 holding up to four medium-sized screws or up to two coins. BTW, 10 cent coins do not work, it only works with the "red" euros-1cent, 2cent and 5 cent are ok. Also, a video was created that can be downloaded at the magnetic Palm gateway.
Now, documetning a phenomenon is one thing-explaining it is another. Tests performed on a IIIc and a V did not succeed, these handsets dropped even the smallest of screws(thanks to Ing. Gerik for providing me with loads of different screws to test). Well, one can also see that the magnetism concentrates in an area around the speaker-and speakers always have magnets in them. So, the speaker has a field stong enough to carry a coin, and the titane housing carries it to the outside of the handheld. Plastic is worse when it comes to conduicting magnetic fields, so that may be another way to explain why the IIIc failed. But-why did the V fail too?
Of course, some may now ask about negative influences on credit cards, etc. To be honest-I do not know! My blog income definitely isn't big enough to warrant a credit card of its own (anybody wanna sponsor me??), and well-experimenting with another one is just jackass behaviour. So, this question is to remain mysterious.
Readers, talk back! Is your Palm magnetic? Mail me photos to my email address Tell me what you experience!


Blogger Ben Combee said...

All of the Tungsten T devices have a small magnet inside them that's used to hold the metallic stylus in its silo. What's odd is that your case has apparently been magnetized -- this could be from the internal magnet or prolonged exposure to a magnetic field.

Most of the other Palm OS devices use friction to hold in the stylus and don't have metallic cases, so they wouldn't ever be magnetized.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

A speaker that beeps may not have much of a magnet, or none at all in the case of a piezio type. Low voltage requirement and small size would make this great for PDA’s, but they’re really only good for beeping. A speaker that can reproduce music is a different story, almost guaranteed to have a good magnet in it.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

My T3 is definitely not magnetic.

However, a large variety of things can put a magnetic field on metal. A local restaraunt has all of their silverware magnetized due to their dishwasher, a phenonemon that's not at all uncommon. I had quite a bit of fun using one knife to repel another and earning raised eyebrows from staff...

Also, a suggestion: If you're writing your blog to make money, just give it up.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, that information about the magnet holdling the stylus in is incorrect. As many people discovered when they were disassembling their T3's to change the battery, the Tungsten T's have a little metal tab in the stylus slot that "clicks" onto the end of the stylus, holding it gently in place.

So we're still stuck with the amazing mystical magnetic T3. :)


7:33 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi y all,
interesting oppinions and experiences!
Here are my comments:
1)To Steve-I am NOT writing this blog for cash-I am writing it for the fun of writing. The sentence with the sponsor was a joke to add some fun to all the mystery-Cite from TNA-Sypher:Meant to make you laugh, haha, got it?
2)I do not think that the holder is magnetic. The stylus has a rim at its bottom, and it looks as a metal clicks in there!
3)I actualy still think that it comes from the speaker. this is the only magnetic part of the whole handheld. When I place a tiny screw anywhere else, I get no reaction!
Best regards and thanks for the comments
Tam Hanna

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to get screws for holding the slider in place in a T3? JMREIRE

9:31 PM  
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