Monday, January 31, 2005

The magnetic Tungsten E-magnetism continued

Recently, TamsPalm carried a story about a magnetic Tungsten T3. The request for user experiences and images got me an email from a PalmOne insider who-of course-does not want his name published. The photos below show a Tungsten E holding up a 5cent coin. This is interesting, because the TE's are said to ship in a plastic housing. The magnetic field must be really strong because it can break free from the plastic!

In addition, I have repeated the tests with a Palm V and a Palm IIIc-to no avail. The screw didn't move at all. There is another .3gp video available at the magnetic Palm gateway that demonstrates this.
Now lets get the scoop on some of the theories that were commentated when the first article appeared: Since the TE does not have the magnet that some commentators rumored about, it looks as if it really is the speaker! Maybe the magnetization is dependant on MP3 player usage or on some specific application that produces especially magnetic sounds. BTW, I deem this the most probable excplanation by now-especially when you look at the low-res pictures of the TE-the magnetic place is the speaker area!
Well, but I still don't know the exact reason-so keep the images and the reports flowing in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have got a Tungsten E device and after reading your first article about the magnetic PDAs I tried it during some boring lesson at university. I put some coins and paper clips on several places at the backside of my T|E. The result is the same as already described here: The case of my Tungsten E is holding up metallic things in the area around the speaker.

The rumour of the magnet holding up the stylus (as it was discussed in the first comment dealing with that subject) is definitely wrong - when you look at the place where the stylus is kept, you will fnid a little plastic roll that fits with the rim on the stylus. The stylus simply clicks in there - no magnetism is needed for that.

Tobi from Germany

7:01 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

I've got a Tungsten C and it's magnetic also. But it's definately from the speaker. The only place where the pin sticks is right on the speaker and no other place on the case.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The solution to all that "magic" is trivial:

Beginning with the Tungsten T, real Speakers were introduced, "real" as these are electromagnetic devices, based on a moving coil and a (rather strong) permanent magnet. Earlier Palms were using a "piezo" beeper, based on ceramics, not involving a magnet.

That's all. No magic, no mysteries, nothing to waste a thought about...

BTW1: Plastic is *of course* almost no barrier at all for magnetic and electric fields (ok, there are certain types with metal add-on or coating, but these are not used here).

BTW2: There field is simply not strong enough to erase the "high-co" magnetic stripe found on credit cards.

BTW2: High-end Leather cases from various manufactureres sometimes use a magnetic lock and this has already proven to reliably erase magnetic stripes ;-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

thank you all for the comments. Looks like the story is solved-its the speaker's fault.
BTW, one last thing could you send me some photos of the TC?
Best regards
Tam Hanna

5:45 PM  
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