Saturday, January 15, 2005

Handango and trial versions-a software distributor goes mad

We all know software portals like PalmGear or Handago. We all know the old, never-ending fight between developers and portal owners about how much of the sales the portal can keep to finance its operations. While I would not mind my distributor to take 25% of my income and keep my customers 100% satisfied(authors get 10% dudes), Handango recently overdrove it according to
As you know, Shareware is based on the concept of free trial versions beeing distributed for free that contain advice about how to register the product. usually, this information is a link pointing to the developer's homepage or a ESD portal.
However, Handango now has a new rule saying that evaluation versions distributed via this portal may not a way of purchasing that is not asssociated with Handango(read-no other links,..).
This is bad for Handangos own customers-the developers. They now need to create two different evalutaton versions-one for handango and one for the-well, rest of the world! While this may be acceptable, developers can no more use the challenge-response activation system and must use a less safe, handago-approved way. This type of activation system is more secure and reduces software piracy. It requires the activation key to be provided by the software developer, not by the vendor. Here is a short explanation about this procedure:
A challenge-response authentification works by having the customer pay the program and then send his unlock code consisting of Device ID, Type, Hotsync Name,... to the developer(challenge) who in turn sends him the fitting unlock key(response) after having been paid! However, this procedure is not possible with Handago-so a less secure way must be used. Not a good idea in the times of PalmOS warez sites all around the web...
What do you think about software portals? Tell me your oppinions!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is NOT new - it's been this way for years. PalmGear has the same requirement.

If you want to help improve the way that ESD's interact developers contact the folks at the ESD-Union WebSite. There's strength in numbers.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

when I have a software program finished, I will definitely support them! However, I do not think that a blog will gratly help them-even though I share their oppinions.
Thank you for the comment!
Tam Hanna

6:35 PM  
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