Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Garmin proves-PalmOS superior to PPC

Well, sometimes the PalmOs world can be confusing. While I originally wanted to place an article about DSPs here today and already have it sitting in my memo pad, our comrades at Garmin's crossed through my plan!
We all know these guys for their iQue series of handhelds. PalmOS-based, GPS-seem to be pretty popular if maybe a bit pricey. Handhirn has further information about the two:
However, recently they announced a PPC version that basically was an iQue 3600 with Windows Mobile! Many users said that this was the Palm OS'ses doom-but others also celebrated the coming battle between the OS's. It was indeed the first time that the PalmOS and Windows CE were facing each other on almost identical hardware. Up to now, the PalmOS handhelds always were inferior-look at the Palm IIIc and the HP IPAQ 3600 for example. It is almost impossible to beleive that these two units actually faced each other in reviews. Well-let's end that sway through history! The battle was waging for a few weeks now-and it looks like we have a winner!
The PalmInfoCenter today carried an interesting article about a new Palm powered solution by Garmin-see here for further details:
The new product iQue 3600a is a GPS device aimed at aviators-people who need 100% reliability when using their device! Now-some of you may ask why this is a victory for the PalmOS. Look at it like this: Garmin chose to base this product on the PalmOS-and not on their Windows Mobile based handheld. They could have used either of the two machines, they produce both themselves and still picked the Palm powered handheld over the PocketPC. Looks like the PalmOS simply is superior when stability is concerned.
What do you think? BTW, see you back tomorrow for the promised coverage of the DSPs....


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