Sunday, January 23, 2005

FrmReturnToForm and the handled flag-trouble straight ahead

After having solved my variable-related problems, new ones-this time involving a popup form-have arisen. The world of PODS seems like a saga from homer-solve one thing and face the next... .
A modal form was popped up using FrmPopupForm. To all new hands here: FrmPopupForm allows you to install a new event handler for the popup. Unlike FrmDoDialog you actually can control how the form behaves on the screen.
When the form must be removed, FrmReturnToForm is used. Usually, the ID of the form below is used, but some smarter developers simply pass 0 to refer to the form below.
However, sometimes this simple strategy fails with the most ridiculous errors. Look at the codepiece below for a potential candidate:

case ctlCloseForm:

Compile, run on debug ROM-Nice fatal alert about an invalid pointer. Can you bust the bug? Ridiculous, but true-the handled flag is not set to true. Simply changing the code to set the flag solves the problem-see below:

case ctlCloseForm:

This looks amusing-invalid memory because of not setting the handled field. So-we have a new rule for Ben Combee's rule list:
Set thy handled field to true or false-or find thy head handled by the gallows!
Now-the rule is proven-but why? After a short think a solution can be found-it should the OS event handlers causing the bug. FrmReturnToForm removes the form from memory immediately-but since the handled flag is not set, an event concerning this form still gets to the OS "event dump". There, the debug ROM seems to verify the event's data-and boom. This is of course only an assumption-anybody with a better explanation is urged to use the (anonymous) comment facility.


Blogger Ben Combee said...

You actually can do a lot with FrmDoDialog:

1) You can draw the form and set controls ahead of calling FrmDoDialog to customize the data in the form.
2) You can set a custom event handler using FrmSetEventHandler, and that will be called by the FrmDoDialog event loop before it processes events.

The main reason to use FrmPopupForm is if you're using an alternative event source or a program-wide event filter. Otherwise, FrmDoDialog really works pretty well.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi ben,
a perfect comment as always!
In the applicastion where the bug occurred, I needed the event handling for the actualization of a preview. But since development has been halted-forget it...
Best regards
Tam Hanna

7:10 PM  
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