Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Protect your stylus-it saves your screen

Most of you want to keep their screen scratch-free. Some purchase adhesive screen protectors, others use overhead foils, and others put trust into hard cases. However, most users do not quite understand the importance of caring about their stylus. They chew on its front and back, ignoring that it also touches the screen.
Let's look at two different styli:

Both are stock PalmOne T1/T3 styli. However, one of the two was dropped twice and gnawed on for many, many times.
Soon, the overhead foil used with the "damaged" stylus began to get scratchy, and needed to be exchanged once a week. Accidentally, the stylus was exchanged against another one-and all problems were finished.
So, today's advice from Tam: Don't ever remove the stylus from its silo when you don't want to use it immediately. This reduces damage to screen protectors and screen. Gnawing/sratching/drumming may be nice for the nerves, but a bad screen....
Tell me your stylus/screen protection strategies!


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I'm still on my factory screen protector -- I never peeled if off when I bought my T3.

As for stylus, I don't chew them. But I will admit that I have a bad habit of not putting them back. They don't get damaged, and I lose them frequently because of that habit, so on the whole it's probably a positive for me.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

my TT3s screen protector does not fit all that well. But I still got it on....
Leabing it lay around is as angerous, trust me. Comrades play around with it, drop it by mistake, etc....
Leave it in the silo-and if it really gets tough, get another one(refurbished from PalmOne,ebay,...) just for playing. The 2$ will save your and your collegues nerves!
Best Regards!
Tam Hanna

11:27 AM  
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