Monday, December 13, 2004

Oh no-my Palm doesn't run anti-virus software

Recently, my password manager got richer by one entry-the login data for 1src's forum. One of the hottest topics discussed anti-virus software for the Palm OS. Many different programs were suggested-some free and some hilariously expensive. However, nobody was there to tell the poor souls the truth about the problem: they were making a huge fuzz about nothing.....
Practically, 4 virii are currently known on Palm OS handhelds-and none of them is easily available(not even in the underground, beleive me as I am there-more about this some other day). After downloading a few hundred programs from different sources, the virii still didn't pop up. Even the zillions of spam mails hitting the inbox never bore one of these elusive files in their womb.
A short google search brought up interesting lists of details about the malwares.
To save you the effort of reading: the damage caused by these programs is local-you loose all of your data in the worst case. That is, if you synchronize the infected handheld(usually you will notice the virus pretty fast). However, the virus doesn't spread itself via email or working programs-once infected, the programs transform into copies of the virus. If the program works on the other handheld, it can be beamed/sent around safely.

So, to cut a long story short: Virii for Palm powered handhelds do exist in theory-but practically nobody finds them. No average palm user needs an antivirus program on his handheld-and discussions or advertising people should maybe just be given a link to this page.
Tell me what you think(if you manage to find one of the virii-please mail it to me).


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I really thought that was going to end with "and so he refused to buy a Palm."

Out of curiosity, which forums are you referring to?

2:50 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Steven,
we Palm OS developers maybe should stop beeing so pessimistic....
I refer to 1src, Nexave(German) and other german boards. There is even an item about this in the German FAQ, creating FUD....
BTW, thanks for the many comments, my blog may need a forum soon;-P
Best Regards
Tam Hanna

3:23 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

Alas, I do not speak German. :)

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The virus scare is like the PDA Screen Saver phenomena. Imagine the concept of actually using a screen saver on a PDA!?!? It boggles the mind.


9:44 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

its another marketing hype. Nowadays, even most tube monitors don't need screensavers anymore. They are just means to express creativity and raise $$$ nowadays.
Altough there actually were a few DELL notebooks that had the buttons, etc. burned into the LCD screen after a short while.
BTW, I have never used or seen a screensaver for a Palm OS handheld....
Thanks for the comment
Tam Hanna

11:56 AM  
Anonymous smith said...

Thank you for the info sharing. I've read someone mentioning about the same thing as u shared it here. By the way, it's good info for me :)

7:28 AM  
Anonymous battery said...

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