Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy 2005 from a TamsPalm point of View

I am proud to welcome you all to the last TamsPalm post of this year. All of you shall have a nice silvester party without computer crashes, hardresets, palms drowning in alcohol, etc... .
While most other news portals are currently discussing important events, this blog handled that at christmas. So, now it is time for a little roadmap! Many things have been changed/improved and many more will change in the next few weeks. Treat this as a shortcut over all the upcoming events:

Things that already happened
  • TamsPalm's date settings were changed to match vienniese time. Now you know at what time data was posted!
Things that shall hapen soon
  • The counter provider shall be swapped for one last time. The new service will allow more efficient tracking of referrer sites, an thus effective controling of advertising effects
  • A shoutbox from NVNCBL(when they let me log on) or another provider will soon appear in the sidebar. Feel free to leave short posts behind there. To all who are new with the concept: A shoutbox is like a slow chat, where you can see posts that were there before you logged on.
  • When all problems with random HTML tags appearing in the Atom XML feed, a universal feed shall be made available to both RSS and Atom reader systems. The neccecary technology is already here-its only Blogger that needs to fix up the Atom system! Meanwhile, take a look at the stage of the procedures at
  • Obtaining the so-called permalink of an article(so that you can always access it directly) shall be simplified->just click the post title and get the link in a few weeks
  • A template change is planned(more PalmOS-related)
  • Maybe, the ads will move to the top of the page as the template gets changed
Things that might happen
  • TamsPalm may get a forum for more comfortable discussion(maybe in cooperation with one of the big portals)
  • Category list-find posts by category
  • Google Search-search the Web and the blog directly from TamsPalm
  • Link list-find Palm OS links and resources on the internet
  • Image gallery(dependant on cheap webhost and PHP skills)
What don't you like here. What do you have to suggest? I am looking forward to comments and oppinions! Thanks to all of you who keep visiting my blog! Lets see each other again in 2005.


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

A coworker used to use AdSense. He stopped because it was not nearly smart enough, and frequently undermined his points.

For instance, if he wrote about the poor stability of Windows, an ad comparing Windows to Linux (with the results pro-Microsoft) might appear.

Hrm, I can't seem to link to the article... I think he switched blogging systems. Oh well.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I asked him about it, so he put it back up: Google Be Gone

4:11 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I had the same problem at the beginning, but AdSense got better over time. While I had ads about sweatbands and Music CDs in the beginning, I now have bluetooth stacks(I'd love to click that ad, but it is prohibited-want to know what it is...) and Palm Os blogging software.
Of course, with your comrade the situation seems to be a bit different-has he ever thought about using Meta Tags(see my Page's source) and URL filters?
I am pretty happy with AdSense, but his oppinions are interesting. What is his current URL so that I can read his blog??
Best Regards
Tam Hanna

7:12 PM  
Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I didn't mean that as a "Don't use Google ads!" but just in a "think about this problem, too" sense. :)

His blog is at:

4:51 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Steven,
I have also taken in this context. Thank you for pointing it out...
Actually, I woudln't see it as unermining if articles from the competition come up in my blog too! This blog is intended to be a source of information, and the competition shall have its word too!
I would have no problems with Dell ads appearing on my blog... . However, the Blog ads are not quite to my liking as they have little to do with the PalmOS. However, this problem seems to be common with al Blogs-so what..
Thanks once again
Tam Hanna

11:21 AM  
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