Sunday, December 26, 2004

Acer vs. PalmSource-a phyrrus victory

Recently, PalmSource announced their quarterly bilances which were positive. In addition, a long-waged legal battle(vs. Acer) was won. Everything seems to be perfect-but the Wall Street does not share this view. PalmSource stocks plummeted down seriously, see the chart below for details:

My collegue at 1src accused the traders to hinder business. However, now lets take a look at their bilance. The profit wasn't that bad(2.1 million), and a special income of 2.6 Million USD appears. Without this "donation" from Acer, PalmSource would actually be negative(-0.4 Milion). While Palmsource performed worse last year(-9.1 Milion $), Handheld unit shippings also declined seriously, from 1.3 Million to 1.2 Million units. David Nagel himself announced that he wasn't too happy with the outcome, and that break-even shall be approximately reached this quarter.
In addition, Acer once was a Palm OS licencee. Few people know that Acer once produced Palm OS handhelds-here are a few handhirn pages about their devices:
Now, lets have that sink in. Palmsource fought one of its licencees-as if they could breed licencees like they breed turtles in singapore. They may be positive now, but stock exchanges live off exectations and predictions. And when a licencee gets sued, he isn't all that likely to produce another device with the OS of the suer. Sony already left the ship, now Acer will follow suite. Handspring and Handera are dead-and the remaining companies products aren't that popular. It looks like PalmSource gets more and more PalmOnes pet-but why did the companies split up in the first place then?
What do you think about this topic?

i took my Information from a german source-Find a few english analyst reports here:


Blogger Steven Fisher said...

I actually saw an Acer s50 or s60 the other day at the mall. It was going for about $300, so it was too much for me to buy it just to see how it works. (That price also seemed way out of line, considering it's only a Palm OS 4.1 device!)

12:19 AM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

now thats interesting. I never ever saw one in europe, and well, 300$ is really way to high. But, there is a german mall that sold a IIIc a few weeks ago for about 190€(got that from Nexave). And best of all, they wondered why nobody bought it!
However, I think that the HandHirn pages will provide you with details....
Thanks for the comment!
Tam Hanna

11:25 AM  
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