Sunday, November 28, 2004

PODS-Tutorials, Ebooks and Help-Webserver

I have been using ther PODS for a few hours by now instead of the aging OnboardC-and got pretty angry about the incredibly bad help viewer. when you change to the PODS with a help viewer window open, all of its contents get garbled! So it is reloading time....
However, a right click on a link showed me that it pointed to a web server on my local machine-altough it was running at an unusual port which changed after every start of the PODS. Here is an example of such a link-it will definitely not work on your machine:

Curious as I am, I immediately opened a current link in my web browser-and alas, I was at the corresponding help topic-but now the Page was displayed in Firefox and all problems were finished. Even after I closed the Help viewer window, the online help still was accessible through Firefox. Now, that is astonishing! PODS automatically starts a web server when loaded into memory-just to serve up the on-line help! If that isn't a waste of memory... .

To benefit from this yourself, do the following: Open up Help, and click on one of the links with the right mouse button. Then, you shall see a menu entry details. Click it, and a window with an URL shall show up. After there will be a few numbers followed by a /, just copy these into the link below instead of the PORT.
Into Firefox with it, and have fun. I am using this since 4 reboots on my Windows 2000 machine-so one can say that it is stable!
Tell me what you think about it!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


do know how much memory is in use by the webbrowser?


2:51 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

Hi Toem,
first of all, thanks for your comment. Right now, while typing in this comment, my Firefox requires about 20MB of RAM. However, I do not know how much memory the eclipse web server or its help viewers take up. Instead, I can tell you that the help viewer is very very buggy(on my machine)....
Best Regards

4:37 PM  
Blogger Ben Combee said...

The help system is a standard part of the Eclipse environment, so don't blame PalmSource for the way it works.

A lightweight web server isn't much of a resource hog. It uses this form because the help is actually stored in a compressed HTML format, and it's easier to be cross-platform. However, I agree that it would be nice to see the built-in ability to just launch your standard web browser on the help server, rather than launching Eclipse's built-in browser.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Tam Hanna said...

I am sorry if the article above offended anyone. I didn't intend to blame anyone-I just wanted to point out that Eclipse runs a web server in the background permanentely instead of shipping HTML or CHM files which are easier to convert to Palm Powered handhelds. In addition-any web server regardless of its weight-takes up more memory than a static CHM file on the harddisk.
Thanks for the Comments!
Tam Hanna

5:19 PM  
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