Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nokia gets the Touch(screen), Palm Platform lays on silky couch

Today the german c't newspaper contained a short information that Nokia shall soon launch a touchscreen mobile with Symbian OS called the 7710-ganging up with the T900 from Sony Erricson. Not much futher info was given, but a picture was shown.
Immediately I thought about the Palm OS smartphones. Many people own phones-and phone sales are way higher than the sales of all PDAs together. Mobile phone hardware is on the niveau of a Tungsten T, with tiny displays and bad ergonomics+slow input options. They however sell enormously well -because of their low prices.
A Treo goes for at least 400€, while a Symbian Phone can be essentially obtained for free with a contract.
Now, my mind gets distracted to yet another c't report, this time findable in the on-line newsticker. PalmONEs best-selling Handheld is the Zire 31 - yes, its the cheapo with DSTN-Screen and only 16 Mb of RAM. It doesnt sell well because of its impressive hardware-its cheap to have and can do everything a user could want.
Now, lets conclude. If PalmOne could create a Zire 31 with a internal mobile phone and keypad instead of buttons and Grafitti-Area AND could keep the price under 199€(that's what some top-class phones cost after subventions), a true killer phone would be born. The physically big touchscreen will make the unit easy to use, the keypad simplifies SMS input. Chuck in DocsToGo, email, java midlets, MP3, games and WAP(PalmOne has most of these programs), and adios Symbian.
The current Treos are not much more than this, but their high prices will limit popularity. 500€ get you PDA and Phone-and this isn't good for PalmOne.
I am-as always-waiting for oppinions!


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