Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dead or alive with the Tungsten T3

The Tungsten T5 is out for quite some time now-it was publicly announced on the October the fourth of this year. Its predecessor, the Tungsten T3 has ben lowered in price and was still beeing sold-as we already had it with the Tungsten T and T2, which were also sold in paralell for quite some time! However, this time it was different to the T/T2 deal-the Tungsten T3 and T5 are attractive to different user kinds, as some T3 features were removed from the T5.
Now, many users rose up against the T5-and adviced others to buy a T3 as fast as possible(thus clearing PalmOnes stock)! This has negative impact on the sales of the T5, which is 50$ higher in price. In addition, a Tungsten T3 at 349$ would also affect Zire 72(299$) and Tungsten C(399$, both prices from PalmDIRECT USA) sales negatively. Thus, every economist would discontinue the good ole T3...
By today, I havent gotten any official information concerning the discontinuation of the handheld. It still appears on the PalmOne US product list, and most of the retailers still have it in their stores(at least in Austria).
So, a good man always is on his own and has connections when he wants to find out something important. Walking into a Niedermayer(big austrian electronics store) with a 10€ note, the clerk was too happy to look up the current price and stock of the T3 and the T5 for me-BTW, my note was rejected... . here is the info:
Tungsten T3-439,9€, 3 pieces available in all stores in Austria, marked as discontinued
Tungsten T5-not listed
On Amazon, I dont find any offer from Amazon themselves anymore, but there are still a few smaller shops offering the Handheld for about 320$. The USA palm store offers the T3 on the bottom of the offert list with reduced price, the UK one has it reduced at about 250 british pounds.....
This tells us that PalmOne is slowly starting to kill the T3 from behind-but not officially removing it from the web site. They just let the stores run out of stock eventually-and the market is free for the T5. At least thats my personal oppinion-but I can as well be wrong.
Leave me behind comments if you have something to say. I am looking forward to hearing about your oppinions!


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